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Buck Island River Race

October 5th, 2019

Canoe and Kayak to Raise Money for LMRF’s Youth Programs!


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The Lower Mississippi River is trapped behind levees, inaccessible to most of the people who live on its banks. At the Lower Mississippi River Foundation, we believe that by connecting people to their waterway we can improve the health of the river and the lives of those who live in its floodplain. To do this we create opportunities for the people of the Delta to experience the wild beauty of the Mississippi and help us protect it for future generations.

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Youth Programming

We work to create a generation of citizens who are connected to the river and dedicated to its protection.  We offer a variety of educational programming to connect kids to their environment.


Promote Stewardship

Enjoying the river is only the first step.  We create opportunities for people to give back through river clean-ups and advocating for the river's health.


Increasing Access

We encourage people to enjoy the Mississippi as a place for recreation.  The Rivergator, provides resources for paddlers who want to experience the wild beauty for themselves


Get Involved

It takes all of us to protect the river.  Check out some ways you can help do your part!



We often rely on generous donation to be able to provide these educational programs to our community. We are so thankful for each and every financial partnership! 

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering with LMRF is guaranteed to be a quality and fun experience filled with new opportunities!

Learn to Advocate for your River

We aim to educate our community on how to best advocate for a healthy, clean river.

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