Our Mission:

The Lower Mississippi River Foundation is dedicated to promoting stewardship of the Lower and Middle Mississippi River through deep engagement.

Take a look at our strategic plan to see how we plan to make an impact over the next four years.

Founder of Lower Mississippi Foundation and Quapaw Canoe Company, John Ruskey

Founder of Lower Mississippi Foundation and Quapaw Canoe Company, John Ruskey


Our History

John Ruskey has been running canoe trips on the  Mississippi River for over 20 years.  In that time he has seen the power the river has to change lives and also how disconnected the world is from this powerful natural resource.  In 2011, he founded the Lower Mississippi River Foundation to help connect more people to the Mighty Mississippi. He led the way in the creation of our first major project, the Rivergator, a paddler's guide to the Lower Mississippi.  The Rivergator offers a mile by mile description of the Lower Miss and has helped to promote the river as a destination for recreation. Over 200,000 people access the Rivergator each year.

Today, we continue to promote recreation on the river but have expanded our programs to include educational classes, youth programming and opportunities to give back to the river that connects us all.




Staff & Board Members

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Shannon McMulkin

Executive Director


Kevin Smith

Board President


scott Shirey

Board Treasurer


Jenn Moehead

Board Secretary


Erin Lee

Board Member At-Large


Aallyah Wright

Board Member At-Large